We specialize in optimizing AdWords accounts

If your business depends on AdWords, then you'll love adMind. We're a team of highly trained AdWords Experts (led by me, Ty Whittingham) who specialize in improving the ROI of AdWords accounts. Please read this entire page before contacting us.

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"Ty's expertise helped us 14x our profit from AdWords in 2017. We wouldn't be the same business without him."

Colin Hatzmann - BULLYMAKE.com


Who are we?

Humbly, we are the AdWords Experts who other AdWords Experts aspire to be. If you need a sports reference, we are professional athletes. When your business’ game is on the line, and a win or a loss comes down to your AdWords performance, you want us in the game.
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What exactly do we do?

We improve your AdWords ROI. If your AdWords account is the lifeblood of your business then you can't afford to wait months to see improvement. We have a hard-core focus on rapidly improving performance through implementing our battle-tested, programmatic strategies in your account.
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We are not cheap, but we are worth it.

We often improve performance by greater than 400% (or more). We start out every engagement with a fixed flat rate and can move to a performance incentive after the first 30 days if it would benefit both parties, or stay at a flat rate if your business requires.
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