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If you want to be connected with people who are actively in the market to buy a home (or commercial) in your area, then you’ll love adMind. We make your phone ring again and again by advertising you personally, or your Agency, on Google.com. We provide you with everything from ads to landing pages, tracking and optimization. To start selling more homes today, read about our proven 3-step process below and then give us a call.

Start getting new leads

"We no longer have to rely on referrals, or family friends. Our phone rings with people who are looking and ready to buy."

JP Powell - Southeastern Commercial Real Estate

Step 1

The secret is in the search

The best time to sell somebody something is right after they ask for it. Nowadays, people rely on Google.com to help them find their next home. We use AdWords to show ads to people who are most likely to need a Real Estate Agent and get them to call you. You just tell us your monthly advertising budget and your cost per new buyer goal. We can even help you track how much revenue was associated with leads generated by our system.
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Step 2

We do it all for you

We have pre-built high converting landing pages and full websites ready to be branded with your information if you need them. We already know which searches generate the most buyers and the best way to write ads because we do this across hundreds of clients in many different verticals and we’re growing fast. We essentially tap your business into our proven system and guarantee new leads. All you have to do is what you love, show and sell homes.
Start getting new leads
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Step 3

Lead quality guarantee

We guarantee that you will begin getting new, high-quality leads within the first 14 days of initiating our service or we give you 100% of your money back. A high-quality lead is defined as “somebody who is in the market to buy a home in your area.” If you have ever used Google ads to generate leads before, you know that all leads are not created equal. Our system improves lead quality over time through a combination of our proprietary lead scoring method and Google's machine learning. We provide you with a tracking dashboard that shows how much you have spent, how many leads were generated, cost per lead, how many of those were high-quality, how many homes were sold and revenue generated so you can track your advertising ROI real-time. Our dashboard system provides you with the confidence you need to know that your advertising dollars are working for you.
Start getting new leads
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