January 20, 2016


Audience Insight Equals Better Advertising

Understand your users with the new Audience Insights tool in AdWords.
Understand your users with the new Audience Insights tool in AdWords.

How well do you know your target audience? Not as well as you might think. Did you know that Sony recently started marketing their Playstation 4 to classical music enthusiasts, with incredible results? Without an audience insight report, Sony would have no idea that many gamers listen to Bach while they’re in the zone. Let’s see how you can make some discoveries about your audience as well.

audience insight equals better advertising know your audience
‍Who's In Your Audience?

Google recently launched the Audience Insight report tool within AdWords, so you may not know how to access it. First you’ll need to make sure that you have placed the AdWords remarketing code on your site and built up a little bit of audience data. Next you’ll login to AdWords & go to the campaigns view, then click on Shared Library in the bottom of the left sidebar. Once you’re in the Shared Library, select Audiences to bring up a list of your different audiences. Select the audience you’d like to know most about (All Users is a great place to start).

Now that you’ve selected the audience you want to learn about, AdWords brings up your Audience Insight report. The Top insights tab gives you overall insights starting with the ones that Google thinks are the most important. You can also filter the insights by In-Market audience (people who recently showed interest in buying a specific service) or Affinity Audience (people who are targeted based on their interests/lifestyle).

Once you’ve selected the audience that you want to add to your campaigns, simply click on “Reach This Audience” in the lower right hand side of the box & create your ad group that targets that audience. Note that these types of audience lists are used in Display campaigns, so you’ll either need to create some new text ads to show up as banners or make image banners to attract these people to your site.

There you have it, the new Audience Insights tool in AdWords. Hopefully you learn something about your audience that you didn’t know before - understanding your users is key to successful advertising. Good luck!

Trevor Whittingham

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