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If you have live AdWords campaigns and have spent more than $1,000 over the past 30 days then you will love our AdWords Performance Audit.

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"adMind's expertise helped us 14x our profit from AdWords in 2017. We wouldn't be the same business without them."

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Step 1: Make Sure You Qualify.

We can only perform audits on accounts that have historical data and conversion tracking already set up. You have to have live campaigns that have ran for at least 30 days and have more than $1,000 total spend.


Step 2: Schedule Your Audit.

If it is during business hours then we are standing by ready to take your call. We'll link accounts and start a screen share within minutes. If now is not a good time and just fill out the form and schedule for later.
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Step 3: The Audit

We will analyze your historical data and give you a prediction on how much your account could improve if you were to implement our strategies. After the audit, you can hire us to help you reach your goals, try our optimization software. or just say thanks!
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