What are the different types of search Campaigns?

Google offers several different formats of search ads. How do you know which is best for your business?

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Standard search campaign

Your Ads will show on

Search Network Only campaigns will show on, as well as other websites, called Search Partners, that use Google's search syndication tool. Those can be any number of websites with a site search function, who show a Google ad as a result. adMind recommends targeting both Google's search network and it's search partners, then measuring your CPA on each.
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A great ad envokes action from the reader

Banner advertising is an art. Contrary to search ads, which can only show when a potential customer is actively searching for your product, banner ads reach your customers across the web. You can target based on websites people are currently browsing, their interests or a combination of both. When display advertising is combined with programmatic bidding, it creates a winning combination for your business.
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Youtube & Video advertising

Engage Users when it matters most.

Google Search is the new encyclopedia. With over 20 billion searches per day, your business has countless opportunities to reach potential customers. Whether you are trying to "go viral" or create brand awareness, adMind helps you pick the right ad formats and video styles to make your campaign successful.

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